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Error ODF-0921 - attribute lookup query does not have LAST_UPDATED_DATE


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Trying to modify an attirubute properties in Studio.

The following error might be displayed when trying to save the changes:
Error ODF-0921 -  <attribute_name> lookup query does not have LAST_UPDATED_DATE


The attribute is based on a Dynamic Query lookup, and that query is missing the LAST_UPDATED_DATE


Clarity PPM 15.x, 16.x


If this occurs for a user-defined Dynamic Query Lookup, edit your query definition so that you add a date column with the alias 'LAST_UPDATED_DATE'.

For an example of a query that has this extra column LAST_UPDATED_DATE, refer to one of the stock Dynamic Lookups such as the Currencies Lookup (ID = LOOKUP_CURRENCIES).

Once this is done, the related lookup's query should get updated to include the following line item:


Additional Information

If the lookup can not be modified, beacuse it is being used by an attribute already:

There are two options/suggestions:

- Use XOG 


XOG out the lookup

Edit the XML to change the SQL

XOG back the lookup


- Create a new lookup/attribute


 create a new lookup/attribute pair and migrate the data over to the new attribute and deactivate/remove the old one