How to reset parameter mapping back to [--Select--] option
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How to reset parameter mapping back to [--Select--] option


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We have one attribute on an object that is mapped to another attribute. One of these attributes is not correct and we would like to revert the mapping to being emptu ("[--Select--]" option). Is there a way to delete the mapping?


Release : 15.9.2

Component : Clarity Studio


It is not possible to return the parameter mapping back to the "[--Select--]" option, as it disappears from the dropdown once a mapping is selected.

There is no supported method for deleting the mapping (however, it can be updated to a different attribute). A new mapping can be created, but it is not possible to revert back to an "unmapped" state.

If an attribute does not need any mapping, the lookup itself should be reviewed as it should like not be a parameterized lookup.