Incident API access Issue - Incident Access criteria
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Incident API access Issue - Incident Access criteria


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Incident API access works fine if we do NOT specify "Incident Access" criteria in the role created.

However it doesn't work and gives the below error if we specify criteria in the "Incident Access" for the role ( as seen in the screenshot). We are trying to limit the incidents accessible via API to the one that meets the Policy Group criteria in role config itself.


The API request will likely fail with a 401 error.



Release : 15.7



The DLP 15.7 release was the initial release of the REST API and had limited functionality, unfortunately the 15.7 release does not allow for control of access to incidents based on role and Incident Access, you are strongly advised to upgrade to DLP 15.8 or later were this functionality IS available and is clearly documented, 15.8 also provides many other enhancements to the REST API.