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Workpoint exceptions even when the job processes are inactivated and all associated jobs are in 'Cancelled' state


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CA Identity Manager


WP exceptions are showing "Script ID 1:WPDS, Script Name = 'SAMS Check Registration'"

WP designer shows that "Script ID 1:WPDS" is associated to 2 old processes - SAMSUserInviteWF_1.0.0 and SAMSUserInviteWF_1.1.0

Unchecked the "Activated" flag in both of the process properties . 

All the jobs associated to SAMSUserInviteWF_1.0.0 and SAMSUserInviteWF_1.1.0 processes are in cancelled status. 

Still, WP exceptions are coming up on startup with the following exception

"ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] ERROR com.workpoint.server.script.ScriptEngine  - A script error has occurred. Error occurred in Statement #1 in Script ID 1:WPDS, Script Name = 'SAMS Check Registration', Script type = 'Delay Condition'
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: gov.cdc.sams.workflowscripts.SAMSWorkflowScripts"







Old records remain under WPDS.


If the error is coming from a Workpoint monitor log, check to see if there are old monitor records in the database. For instance, the error in the log may show the Action Monitor in the stack trace (example log message - Query_actionq#ActionQ1).  If it is the Action Monitor, query Database table WP_SCRIPT_MONITOR to see if there are records. If the records are for Jobs that have been canceled, delete those monitor records and restart IDM.