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Aggregation row shows wrong results in hierarchical portlets


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Clarity PPM On Premise


In the out of the box 'Cost and Effort Dashboard' hierarchical portlet the aggregation rows show correct Totals the first time you go to the portlet but
when you navigate to different pages, it shows only totals for that page. 


1. Login to Clarity application and on the Home Overview page click on Project Dashboard tab to display 'Cost and Effort Dashboard' hierarchical portlet.
2. Configure Aggregation row to show totals for Actuals, ETC, EAC
3. Go back to the first page to display 'Cost and Effort Dashboard' hierarchical portlet, Totals of data displays correctly
4. Click to go to second page of the portlet.

Expected Results: Totals of Actuals, ETC, EAC displays correctly for entire number of projects in the portlet

Actual: Shows only Totals of Actuals, ETC, EAC for the current page only


Logged as defect id: DE64766


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Studio


Currently under review by Engineering

Additional Information

Workaround: Go out of the page and back to get the total amount, or export to CSV