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Can you mask data in VSE logs?


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Service Virtualization


In reviewing some logs it was determined it would be desirable to mask certain types of data before it is written to disk.

Is there a way to mask specific data prior to it being written to the log file?




All Supported DevTest releases and platforms/


This not possible to mask any data written log files for SV components, but we do have a feature that will desensitize data during a recording.

Refer to documentation link:

You can also try setting the logging instead of INFO in the file on the machine where your VSE and virtual services are running.


Change from    log4j.logger.VSE=INFO, VSEAPP

Change to        log4j.logger.VSE=WARN, VSEAPP

or                     log4j.logger.VSE=ERROR, VSEAPP

This will however affect being able to see certain information in the Inspection view in the Portal.

Found this KB article that should also help:

How to turn off logging at VS level