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How to submit an idea for Harvest SCM


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


Process to raise ideas/enhancements for Harvest SCM.


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As part of our continuous improvement towards better serving our customers, we have transitioned the CA Harvest SCM product line enhancement request submission and tracking process to the CA Harvest Global User Community.

The CA Harvest Global User Community is an active community, where users of CA Harvest SCM can collaborate and network with other users without the limits imposed by geographical and physical distances. We want every customer, regardless of location, to have equal access and opportunity to information as well as direct communication with the CA Harvest SCM product team.

The CA Harvest Global User Community is open to all customers at no cost. The user community also enables close participation and collaboration amongst customers and CA Technologies with respect to product improvements by providing, exclusively to its members, a clear equitable voice into CA Harvest SCM product feature development.

Prior to this time, customers have used the CA Support portal to both open and track enhancement requests. We would like to inform you that, beginning March 1, 2014, we will transition to a more interactive Ideation tool on the CA Harvest Global User Community. This means that effective March 01, 2014, enhancement requests can no longer be submitted via the CA Support portal. Instead, we encourage you to post your request as an "idea" at the CA Harvest Global User Community.

Do this by clicking the Ideas link on the navigation ribbon from any page on the community. Make sure you are logged in. Use the search box to help you identify any similar Ideas that might have already been submitted. If you find one, vote on it! Add a comment if you would like. If you do not find it or a similar idea that you might comment on, post your idea for the other members of the community to vote on. Select the appropriate Category for new ideas. Feel free to vote on any ideas that appear in the list. Whether the idea is new or existing be sure to include comments that clearly describe the associated business value. More information on how to use the Ideation system and how to join MyCA communities is available on the MyCA home page.

Please continue to raise trouble tickets via CA Support portal. There is no change in the process in which we handle our support tickets.

This enhancement request process transition is intended to provide better services to our customers and provide transparency to our product backlog. Additionally it will enable us to better identify and drive high value customer enhancements into our product, facilitate success in improving our product while addressing your critical business requirements.

If you are not a member of the CA Harvest Global User Community, we strongly encourage you to join this community and take full advantage of its benefits. For more information, please contact CA Support. We look forward to engaging with you at the Community site!