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Delta Tool Error


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort)


As a part of AA upgrade(strong Authentication with sql server 2019) from 8.1.3 to 9.1.02 we have tried to run delta tool and encountered the below error.

We have tried with Delta tool version 1 and version 2 we encountered the same error . 

ERROR : delta.launcher.DeltaToolMain : Exception Occured :: Error creating bean with name 'migrateARRFDevUserAssoStep1' defined in class path resource [com/ca/aa/upgrade/delta/jobs/ARRFDevUserAssoMigJob.class]: Unsatisfied dependency expressed through constructor argument with index 2 of type [org.springframework.batch.item.ItemWriter]: : Error creating bean with name 'deviceUserAssoWriter' defined in class path resource

Please advice if the delta tool is compatible for AA upgrade from 8.1.3 to 9.1.02


Release : 9.1

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)


The upgrade which was done is from 8.X to 9.1 SP2. 

The upgrade tool and Delta tool is only for 6.X and 7.X.

For 8.x To 9.1 - There is an in-place upgrade. Upgrade Tool and Delta tool are not applicable for these versions.

Refer to the below documentation link. :

Apply the installer in the same machine and there is no need to Delta tool and upgrade tool.

Delta tool and upgrade tool is only applicable in case if you upgrade from 6.X and 7.X.

As the upgrade is done from 8.x - you need to follow the above steps accordingly,