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Conflict between Thycotic / Arellia agent and the SMA


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


Thycotic / Arellia software has an agent that also logs data to the same location as the Symantec Management Agent.

Arellia agent monitors processes starting, similar to the App Metering agent.

Stopping the SMA or Thycotic agent resolved this conflict.  Reinstalling SMA seemed to resolve it.


Upgraded SMA to 8.6 RU2 and the Thycotic agent started taking up a lot of processing power.

Thycotic v11.0


The SMA log severity level was set to 63 in the registry.  This is an uncommon number for the SMA.


The SMA log severity level was set to 63 (an uncommon number for Altiris) in Registry.  Setting severity back to 7 resolved this issue.  Thycotic created a new agent version that no longer references the Symantec log files or registry keys.

NOTE: Reinstalling the agent sets the severity back to default value of 7.

240407 Enabling "Collect Time-Critical Inventory" policy causes the logging SEVERITY key to change to value 63