Authorization failure when using Git Bash CLI
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Authorization failure when using Git Bash CLI


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG CASB Gateway CASB Gateway Advanced


Users are using Git Bash CLI to access repository. After running a command in the command line tool, it prompts in the user to authenticate in the browser via OAuth. 

After successfully authenticating in the browser, it appears that the CLI does not receive the authorization and prompts again manually for username and password. 

fatal: Authentication failed for '<repository>/<directory>





Proxy SG OS


When the connection is going through WSS Proxy or Proxy Forwarding, the authorization headers are not being forwarded to the OCS which leads to authorization failure.

This is because the Proxy SG OS does not forward the authorization headers by default.



The following CPL instructs the Proxy to forward the authorization header.


TechDocs - authenticate.forward_credentials()

Within a UPE deployment, you can implement the policy yourself. If your policy source is the WSS portal, a support ticket would need to be raised.