How can I migrate AAI and/or the AAI database to new servers?
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How can I migrate AAI and/or the AAI database to new servers?


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How can I migrate AAI and/or the AAI database to new servers?


Release : 6.4.2



If AAI is moving to a new server, but the database server is staying the same.

1. Install the same version of AAI on the new server.

2. Before starting the service copy over the .jawskey file from the JAWS_HOME/jboss/standalone/configuration directory the existing AAI server to the new server.

3. If using an Oracle database, make sure to copy over the ojdbc8.jar file to the new server as documented here.

4. Shutdown AAI on the old server.

5. Open the AAI configuration tool on the new server, and verify the database connection settings are correct and verify that a test database connection is successful.

6. Start up the AAI service.



If AAI is remaining on the same server, but the database is moving to a new server.

1. Shutdown AAI before database migration.

2. After database migration, open the configuration tool and update the new database connection details to reflect the updated database server, port, user, etc.

3. Verify a test connection works, if it fails more details can be found in the configtool.log in the in /<install dir>/config/log/ directory.

4. If test works, start up the AAI service.


If Austosys scheduler's database have been migrated

1. Take schedulers offline in AAI ->Admin->Schedulers tab.

2. Edit the Schedulers from the Admin -> Schedulers tab and update the new connection details.

3. Test connection, if successful click Ok to save the connection details.

4. Bring Autosys schedulers back online.


Additional Information

If you are unable to save the new database configuration in the configuration tool see the link below: