Proxy Event Log Size
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Proxy Event Log Size


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Does the proxy have a size limit and action when that size is reached?


You can limit the size of the appliances’s event log and specify what occurs when the log size limit is reached.
To set event log size:
1. Select the Maintenance > Event Logging > Size tab.
2. In the Event log size field, enter the maximum size of the event log in megabytes. The default is 10 MB.
3. Select the action that occurs when the event log reaches maximum size:
  • Overwrite earlier events—The appliance overwrites the older half of the event entries, replacing it with the most recent events. There is no way to recover the overwritten events.
  • Stop logging new events—The appliance retains all of the entries to date, but new events are not recorded.
4. Click Apply.