Siteminder Agent for SharePoint log4j ( log4j 1.x) upgrade
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Siteminder Agent for SharePoint log4j ( log4j 1.x) upgrade


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This KB includes the instructions on how to mitigate log4j.jar (log4j 1.x) in the Agent for SharePoint 


12.52.x SharePoint agent 


Siteminder DEV team will be releasing a new version of the SharePoint agent 64 bit with the new upcoming Siteminder Release.

The new 64 bit version of the SharePoint will have all the upgraded log4j libraries.

With that being Said, Sitemidner DEV team also provided a NIN fix that includes the updated version of log4j to note the following :

1) The Future release of the Agent for SharePoint will have all log4j2.x versions. 

2) The NIN fix will be supported with 12.8.x release of Siteminder Policy Servers.


To Obtain the NIN fix, please open a case with Broadcom Siteminder Support to provide you with the installer and Upgrade steps.