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Concat function removes spaces in TDM portal while masking data


Article ID: 239204


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When using concat function to create a full name in the below format, TDM Portal removes the spaces leading to incorrect output while the same work find in FDM. 

LastName , FirstName MiddleIntial

TDM Portal Output - LastName,FirstNameMiddleIntial

Also TDM Portal only supports concatenation of 4 values but we need more than that which is available in FDM.


Release : 4.10

Component : Web Portal - Data Masking

Resolution resolves this issue.  Please contact Broadcom Support to acquire this or a later patch of FDM.

Note- Fix is added in FDM please ask customer to upgrade the same. Below is how to use the space between double quote while doing masking configuration in portal.