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PAMSC: Not able to connect to host from jump server, Host is unreachable


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We  installed  PAM SC 14.10 version on AWS Linux 7 server,we got installed  PAM end point  and UNAB  successfully and  able to login with AD credentieals .

However we are not able connect  from selang from jump server and we  got  bellow  error.

[[email protected] ~]$ selang
eTrustAC selang v8.00a-18.1846 - eTrustAC command line interpreter
Copyright (c) 2006 CA. All rights reserved.

eTrustAC> host
ERROR: Connection failed
Host is unreachable
eTrustAC> host xxxxxxx
ERROR: Connection failed
Host is unreachable


Release : 14.1 PAMSC

Component : PAM Server Control


"No Route to host" is a generic Linux message which can occur for a couple different reasons.  I have been reviewing the below.  Through your output we see you are unable to connect to host outside of OnePAM.  Have you been able to discuss with your Network Admin as well?

iptables blocked? 

Can you ping the IP? Does ping work but connecting to the domain does not? If so, this most likely confirms a DNS issue.