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Devtest Role permissions overlapped


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Service Virtualization


User is able to see all un-allocated VSE's as well under the same Web Portal when user refresh the browser after login.


Assume there are 3 VSE's (A,B,C) connected to Registry Z running on separate machines If the user is permitted to access VSE A but when user login on the portal then after if refresh the browser all the unallocated VSE's B & C also get appeared and user is able add/remove/start/stop the virtual services which is risky.


Release : 10.6

Component : DevTest Application Test


Identified as product bug.


Open a support case and request for patch from defect  DE528936.

Steps to apply:

NOTE: These steps should be followed on the PORTAL Server

1. Stop Portal Service

2. Take a backup of the file "phoenix-runner.jar" from LISA_HOME\\lib\\phoenix folder. Move this file to a completely different location outside LISA_HOME

3. Place the file "phoenix-runner.jar" provided at LISA_HOME\\lib\\phoenix folder

4. Place the file "phoenix-10.6.0-DE528936.war" at LISA_HOME\\webserver\\patches folder

5. Replace the existing file "jetty-all-9.3.11.v20160721-uber.jar" at LISA_HOME\\lib\\shared folder with the one provided

6. Start Portal Service