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ProxySG Software - SGOS


We added some URLs to the blocked category but the URLs are still accessible. The customer needs urgent support to block them, as some of the URLs are malicious and it could be harmful to the company's environment. 


Having completed a number of internal investigations, we confirmed that every time is accessed, we see referrals/redirections to dynamically different URLs which get rated differently, for every subsequent transaction. Also, because is rated as "Business/Economy", a URL category you wouldn't want to block/deny in ProxySG, you do not want to deny this access using a "Request URL Category" object. See the snippet below.

For such situations, it's recommended to block such URL using the "Request URL" object, with a simple match. Also, you are to ensure this rule is placed ahead of any rule with the "Business/Economy" Request URL Category object. This way, access to will be blocked. See the snippets below, for the policy rule config and tests completed within our lab environment.

From the policy configuration shared, gets blocked/denied by policy, while, a URL rated as "Business/Economy" is allowed. This way, gets blocked while other legitimate URLs rated as "Business/Economy" remain accessible via the ProxySG.