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Endpoint Protection for Mac does not open, hangs at "Pending..." dialog


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Endpoint Protection


SEP/SES for Mac (Symantec Endpoint Protection/Endpoint Security) does not open, hangs at "Pending..." dialog.

An inspection of running Symantec services finds several missing processes. 



Some Symantec services are not being enabled/re-enabled during install. It is unclear how the product gets into this state.


Symantec Endpoint Protection/Endpoint Security for Mac



This will be fixed in SEP 14.3 RU5 for Mac (release TBA).



Display the list of disabled macOS services:

sudo launchctl print-disabled system

If any of the Symantec services are listed as "true" then set them each to "false" with the following command:

sudo launchctl enable system/<service name>

... for example:

sudo launchctl enable system/


Below is an example of how all the Symantec services should be configured if listed:

disabled services = {
 "" => false
 "" => false
 "" => false
 "" => false
 "" => false
 "" => false
 "" => false
 "" => false
 "" => false
 "" => false