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PacketShaper Top talkers / Top listeners (Top Host Tracking) report is not working.


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PacketShaper S-Series


After you upgrade to or above (or or above), you will be able to enable/start/stop the top talker/listener but you will not be able to view the list. 


That is because the top talker/listener view page is Adobe Flash dependent and Adobe Flash is EOL (and browsers no longer support it). In the PacketShaper we have not implemented the fix to that page using HTML5 as we have a very good workaround (also because the product is End of Sale and is in stabilization mode). 


Here is a solution or workaround to view the top talkers / listeners using the command below:

'hostdb topusers'  - Determine which hosts or users are consuming the most bandwidth. You can configure PacketShaper to track the Top Talkers (hosts that initiate the most traffic) and Top Listeners (hosts which receive the most traffic).

To display statistics for the top 20 bandwidth users per traffic class either receivers or senders use the following commands:

hostdb topusers start <tclass> [talk|listen]
hostdb topusers stop <tclass> [talk|listen]
hostdb topusers reset <tclass> [talk|listen]
hostdb topusers show [<tclass>] [talk|listen]

start Starts tracking top hosts (talkers or listeners) for a traffic class
stop Stops tracking top hosts for a traffic class
reset Clears the list of top hosts and restarts the host-tracking process
show Displays the hosts or users that have used the highest percentage of bandwidth in the class since tracking was started. The list is cleared with the hostdb topusers reset <tclass> command or when you reset the unit.

A host stays on the top-20 list until another host uses more bandwidth, at which point the host may drop off the list entirely or move further down the list. For example, suppose top talkers is turned on for the
Inbound/HTTP class, and is the top consumer with 22%. If another host,, later
consumes more bandwidth than, might go to the top of the list and would
drop lower on the list.


To start top talker tracking on the Inbound/HTTP class:
hostdb topusers start inbound/http talk

To see a list of top talkers in the Inbound/HTTP class:
# hostdb topusers show inbound/http talk

Top talker analysis for inbound class HTTP.
Duration: 02:09:18
7 active entries.
User Name Group Name DNS Name Percent IP Address
N/A N/A 52
N/A N/A 24
john.smith group-sales No such name 7
N/A N/A 4
N/A N/A 4
N/A N/A 2
N/A N/A 1

# hostdb topusers show
2 active top user sessions.
Direction Class T/L Duration
inbound HTTP talker 02:13:13
outbound HTTP listener 02:13:13