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How often does the PacketShaper logs rotated?


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PacketShaper S-Series


PacketShaper stores the logs under 9.256/log/syslog folder. The important log files are 'pshaper' and 'messages' log file. If you encounter a problem and do not immediately collect the logs, they may get rotated or overwritten. 



PacketShaper S-Series uses standard Linux log rotate to handle the log rotations. 
Once the files are rotated, users will not be able to access the old logs.

The rules of the rotation for file 'pshaper': Rotate either weekly or the log file size reaches 1G bytes.

The rules of the rotation for file 'messages': Rotate weekly. No size limitation.

Due to the above, whenever you encounter any issue, it is recommended to immediately collect/save the contents of the 9.256/log folder.