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Cluster Primary Site Member Replication status - Recovering


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Our primary site member today is showing to be in Replication status of "Recovering". We have tried to wait for it to finish replication but it is still in "Recovering" status. 

We have tried to refresh the replication status, but it is still in "recovery" mode. 


Release : 3.4.x, 4.0.x



In this environment inside they Primary Site, which had 4 machines and 3 are in good standard.  This means that you can eject this member without bringing down the cluster because you have a Quorum:

To sum up the procedure:

  • Take snapshot of primary server if a VMware machine
  • Backup the database in PAM,
  • Put it in maintenance mode
  • On the Clustering Page -> Global Status Tab
  • Eject it (Leave Cluster)
  • After leaving successfully:
  • On the Clustering Page -> Global Status Tab
  • Click on Load Configuration from member
  • Choose any member
  • After it loads, please add this member to the site
  • Click Subscribe to active cluster