Some characters not allowed in the Name Field
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Some characters not allowed in the Name Field


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Is it possible to get a list of special characters that are not allowed in the name field for work items in Rally? It seems that if they enter <> around a set of text an they display incorrectly, or an error occurs "Validation error: Feature.Name contained invalid input. Field is required and may not be empty." Other combinations of these characters apparently work fine. 


The issue causing this validation error is seen because the Name field is a field that allows HTML -  and the characters < and > are reserved HTML characters.

If your users would like to use the greater than and less than signs in their artifact names, it will be necessary to change the name of the artifact to use HTML Entities as follows:

from: <some name>

to: &lt; some name &gt;

Or they can also use < some name > (spaces before and after the name of the artifact name) Rally doesn't have an official list of HTML entities (ie: special characters), but the following link will show many sites with that information:

The following link discusses using HTML tags in our text fields and has a list of these fields if you would like more information on that: