Rally: Milestone bulk edit functionality
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Rally: Milestone bulk edit functionality


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When you bulk edit a set of milestones for projects, you will affect projects outside your hierarchy.  Even though the project has a different hierarchy.



     Project A has 4 children. If I move a child from Project A to Project B then project A has 3 children.   If I create a milestone and then add project a and its dependents to the milestone.   The child in project b will be added.  

How do we prevent this from happening?


Release : SAAS

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Work items and milestones must share the same project.

If you move a work item to a new project after associating it with a milestone, the work item will keep existing milestone(s) only if they exist in the new project.

When you reparent projects or related projects associated with a milestone, the milestone is unaffected and the work items continue to be associated with the milestone.

Child projects automatically inherit all milestones of the parent project.

Your permissions level determines which milestones you can see. Subscription administrators can see all milestones, regardless of the project. However, the page only displays milestones defined in the current workspace. Workspace and project administrators are limited to viewing milestones associated with projects that they have permission to see.