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Task name blanked out on the Timeline when editing the Details Fly Out 


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


If the Tasks Timeline has been filtered out by a dynamic query type lookup field, the task names get blanked out when changes are done to tasks on the Details Fly Out  

1. Go to the Modern UX projects
2. Edit a project and go to the tasks tab > Timeline
3. Ensure there is a few tasks displayed on the Timeline
4. Filter the tasks by a dybamic query type lookup field: Phase Name, Assigned Resources ...  
5. On the Details Fly Out add the Charge Code field
6. Note the tasks being displayed

7. Select a task and open the Details FlyOut
8. Change the Charge Code of the selected task and click on the a different task in the Timeline
   You might need to change a few task details before you notice it

Expected Results: Tasks remain on the Timeline as you change the specific task details.
Actual results: Tasks vanish from the Timeline as you do changes to them


Clarity 15.9.X up to 16.0.1


This is not reproducible in Clarity 16.0.2

Workaround: Refresh the page

Additional Information

This only happens when the Timeline is filtered by a dynamic lookup field. It is not the case with status lookups or strings, numbers ..
It only happens on the Timeline. The grid does not have issues