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Questions for AFM to multi Risk Authentication instances connection


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In my prod env., AFM connects to multi RA instances by individual URLs instead of LB URLs. here is the setting in



In my upgrade plan, I want to leave this setting alone, and just disable traffic to AA2 for State Manager and UDS as AFM connects to UDS and SM with LB URLs. I can disable traffic to AA2 from LB side. Do u think there is any potential problem? same question from (from SM ---> multi RA).

What is the designed behavior for RA1 and RA2 in and failover?


Release : 9.1

Component :Risk Authentication


The HOST.1 and Host.2 configurations in and file refers to the Servers in Failover mode, if HOST.1 is not working then it will seamlessly fall to HOST.2 and serves the transactions. It is not Load balancing and if you want to do Load Balancing then you have to put HOST.1 and HOST.2 servers behind a Load Balancer and then specify the Load Balancer details in HOST.1 section.

You can take out the UDS and SM traffic for AA2 servers and that should take care of not sending any requests to those servers. Upon service restarts the connectivity is tested for HOST.1 and HOST.2 so as an option the HOST.2 section can be commented out as well.

Please reach out to support if there are questions.