Control number of job run by initiator.class parameter in WA Agent
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Control number of job run by initiator.class parameter in WA Agent


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How can users control number of job runs on WA agent to prevent errors like "initiator busy" or other OS issues?


Release : 12.x

Component :


By default WA Agent can run 1000 jobs concurrently.  If Agent is expected run more than default number of jobs, then increase Default initiator class:


However, increasing the default to a very number can result in OS issues such as number of open files (limits vary by OS), performance, memory etc.


The WA agent has "initiators.class_n" parameter to limit or control job runs.  When number of job runs exceed, the agent will wait till an initiator is available and then executes the job.  The agent allows limiting job by types.  

Example to  limit command/system jobs (Windows command, Unix) in agentparm.txt:

#The initiators.class_2 is class that can be used in afmjobclassmap
#Any name can be given, but the name must match in afmjobclassmap

#The above will allow only 500 concurrent command job runs.
#The afmjobclassmap will look at job type when it arrives and then check if initiators are available

Note: The 'initiators.class_<n>'  needs to be incremented sequentially independent of  'initiators.class'. 


Additional Information

For more details, see this doc link for WA Agent.