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Data discrepancy in table "odf_ssl_cst_dtl_cost" For Cost Plans


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Slice details for Cost Plan Detail rows in table odf_ssl_cst_dtl_cost are inconsistent with the values shown in UI. 

Ex:- Take an Annual Cost Plan starting from 2023 - 2025. Ideally the table should contain slice details from 01-01-2023 - 01-01-2024, 01-01-2024 - 01-01-2025 however there is only a single row from 01-01-2023 - 01-01-2025.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Financial Management


Steps to Reproduce:- 

  1. Login to Clarity. Navigate to New UI.
  2. Create a new Annual Cost plan on Project/Idea using the "Financials" Module. 
  3. Instead of populating each column for the year, just populate Totals column with the value of Cost for a Cost Plan Detail Row.

Expected Results :- Ui Shows values for all the years and odf_ssl_cst_dtl_cost should have rows for each year.

Actual Results :- UI Shows values for all the years and odf_ssl_cst_dtl_cost has only a single rows from the start of the cost plan to the end of the cost plan.


This is working as designed. Users should populate the cost values for each year/month based on the Cost Plan Type. Populating the Totals column will take the cost curve for the whole period of the cost plan.