How to reset the password for Email users
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How to reset the password for Email users


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How to reset the password for Email users.




1. Service account is the old type of ClientNet account, an admin on the customer side can help the user via performing local reset of the password in ClientNet. Or the user themselves via the process below:

2. Portal user is the Symantec account on, this reset method requires the email address linked to the user (email address is the username).

    2. Click on "Log in with Symantec account", it leads to the page
    3. Click on Need help signing in?
    4. Click on Forgot password?
    5. Input email address used for login
    6. Complete math question
    7. You’ll get an email with a temp password
    8. Follow the Symantec account login link in the same email
    9. Login to Symantec account with temp password
    10. You’ll be prompted to set up new Symantec account password
    11. Once completed, you can use the “Log in with Symantec account” button in the main page.