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Invalid values when changing time scale on cost plans - Classic UX


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When changing the cost plan Time Scale Value from Period Type to Annual and scrolling to past or future periods may cause the cost plan values to show in the wrong year.



This can happen if your annual periods do not go back (or forward) far enough to cover the offset used on the TSV Scroll.

Example of STR

Fiscal Periods for Annual and Monthly go from 2017 through 2024

Create a monthly cost plan for 2022-2023

Enter at least one detailed line in the plan.

Go to the Instance Level TSV and make sure there is no offset to start so you start at the beginning of the plan.

Make the Plan Dates Relative using Cost Plan Start and Cost Plan Finish

Change the Period to Year so your settings look like this


On Save and Return check the values for the plan.

You will see that the 2022 values now show in 2021.  Export to Excel does put the values in the correct years however.

If you make the offset -24 the 2022 values will then show in 2020.

If you change the offset to -5 the values will appear correctly because there are 5 years available to scroll back based on the first fiscal year being 2017 (2022-2017 = 5)

This is because when you try to scroll back further than there are actually fiscal periods the calculation does not handle correctly for placing the values in the correct cells.

This is a product limitation


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Financial Management


This is a product limitation of the Classic UX

Use the modern UX instead as this does not use the same type of time scaled values.