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Error 2812 during upgrade of Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) for NAS


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Protection Engine for NAS


While upgrading Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) from 8.2.0 to 8.2.1, the following error dialog box appears:
Error 2812. The Event ActionData is not recognized.

Behind the Error 2812 dialog box, the Installation Wizard displays the following message:

Invalid Credentials

You have entered the wrong password for this account.

Click Back to try again or you can continue without a password by clicking Next.

(The service will not start unless you enter the correct password for the Log On account
after installation)


Release : 8.2.1

Component :


  1. Click OK on the error 2812 dialog box
  2. Click the BACK button on the Installation Wizard
  3. Delete the service account password. Click Next. Click Next.
  4. If the error 2812 dialog box appears again, cancel the installation then see below for steps to perform a clean install.
  5. Click Finish to finish the Installation Wizard.
  6. In services.msc, right click on Symantec Protection Engine, then click Start.
  7. If services.msc displays a dialog box containing Error 1069, right click on Symantec Protection Engine and click Properties
  8. In the Properties dialog box, on the LogOn tab, delete and re-type the password of the service account. Click OK.
  9. In services.msc, right click on Symantec Protection Engine, then click Start.


To perform a clean install

  1. In appwiz.cpl, uninstall Symantec Protection Engine
  2. Delete the folder C:\Program Files\Symantec\Scan Engine
  3. Install the originally installed build of Protection Engine, without specifying service account credentials
  4. Configure SPE from screenshots
  5. Upgrade to SPE 8.2.1 or 8.2.2
  6. In services.msc, right click on the "Symantec Protection Engine" service. click Properties
  7. On the Logon tab, specify the service account credentials.