How does SOLVE:Access make use of the zIIP?
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How does SOLVE:Access make use of the zIIP?


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SOLVE: Access Session Management


Health check was asking us to turn on XM=BEST as the region sensed zIIP processors.

Our question:
How does MAI make use of the zIIP? 

We have turned on the 2 MAI's one with 2 zIIPs and the other without.
HS will monitor but the we would like to know  what this is doing for MAI.

Is there specific doc for SOLVE:Access and the zIIPs turned on?

The manual supplies only generic information.


Release : 5.0

Component : SOLVE:Access Session Management


1. Only SRB processing can run over the ZIIP, not TCB processing so that limits what MAI can offload to zIIP.

2. We can't supply a 'maximum percentage' of zIIP utilization  as that can vary depending on what functionalities of the product are most in use at a given customer site.

3. We did benchmarking for Netmaster which showed about 80% of the CPU ran on  the zIIP (combined SSI and region) but have no such benchmarking for  SOLVE:Access.

4. We have a minute minder parm you can set in the RUNSYSIN that provides the  following information:
    - the interval elapsed time. This is normally 60.00 or 15.00.
    - the total preemptible SRB CPU time expended in the period.  
    - the total zIIP-eligible CPU time expended on normal CPs during the period.
    - the total zIIP-eligible CPU time expended on zIIPs during the period.
    - the percentage of total zIIP-eligible time that was actually expended on a   zIIP.

   That will show  how much processing is being offloaded to the zIIP in one minute intervals.

    In the PPREF section of your RUNSYSIN, add PPREF='XOPT=(CPU,CPUMM,CPULM)'
     This cannot be changed dynamically; the region must be cycled to activate.

   To see these same statistics every second, add PPREF='XOPT=(CPU,CPUMM,CPUMN)'

     For more information on this please review KB 52645 How do I see zIIP statistics for Netmaster? 

5. If you are using generic resources, see also KB 52444 How do I see zIIP statistics for the SSI region?