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CMN-0009 error when trying to change a Project Or Idea list view


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If a user created a view and have shared this view to all other users, only users with "resource - enter time" instance right can adjust the view to create their own ones.
Otherwise they get the error:
Error message: CMN-0009: Attribute 'Owner' has invalid Lookup Value '5xxxxxx'



1. Login as admin user or another user.
2. Create a view in project list
3. Save this view and share it
4. Log in with another user (eg: testcx) without - 'Resource – Enter Time' Access rights
5. Assign only the following Instance Access rights:
   'Project - View' instance rights for two projects only
    'Resource - Self (Auto)'
    'User Favorites Menu - Edit'
6. Only these global access rights:
   'Project Management - Tiles Navigate'
   'Project Management - Navigate'
   'Projects - Navigate'
7. Login as testcx user and open project list (Grid view) in Clarity MUX
8. Move a Field column either to right or left of the current position on the Project (Grid) list page

Expected Results: Clarity should allow changing views without granting 'Resource – Enter Time' Access rights to a user or all users.
Actual Results: The following message gets displayed - 'Could not save the view' and column move does not get saved

Note: This defect also affects Ideas and same workaround applies.


Logged as Defect id: DE64696. 


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


Currently under review by Engineering

Additional Information


Assign the instance right - 'Resource – Enter Time' Access rights to the resource to avoid this behaviour.

For Ideas as a workaround assign 'Idea - Edit' instance right or 'Resource – Enter Time'