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Use of masking characters in setting thresholds using the THRESH command


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Customer requested clarification on the use of masking or wildcard characters in setting up thresholds using the SYSVIEW THRESH command. 



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The following SYSVIEW commands can be used to display your current User settings for the Variable Length Masking (VLM)  and the Fixed Length Masking (FLM) characters: 



  • VLMASKCHAR value is =


  • FLMASKCHAR value is *


These masking characters are personal settings for display purposes only.  You can set them to any character that you want using the   SET  VLM  “your chosen character”      or    SET  FLM  “your chosen character”     commands.  


The distinction is how the masking (wildcard) characters are used to select Resources to apply the THRESH command defined threshold for.


Using VLM:        PAY=     will apply the threshold to all jobs starting with PAY for any valid length

                                          PAY1, PAY123, PAYSUM, etc.

Using FLM:        PAY*     will apply the threshold to all jobs starting with PAY but only for jobs that                                                     

                                          are FOUR characters in length i.e.  PAY1, PAY2, PAY3, PAYA, PAYB, PAYC,       

                                           etc.   Jobs like PAY123 will not have this threshold setting applied using the FLM mask                                            


Note that if you use your personal settings to set up thresholds when you SAVE those settings to the SYSVIEW DataLibrary it will convert them to the VLM of = and the FLM of *.


Per the SYSVIEW product documentation, the PARMLIB and DATALIB settings must be:

            Generic or wildcard definitions must be coded using the following variable and fixed mask  characters:

  • Variable length mask character - '='
  • Fixed-length mask character - '*'
      So, if you create a threshold using the User definitions of VLM and FLM they will be converted to  the VLM of = and the FLM of *.