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Enable Dagent logging in Ghost Solution Suite


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Ghost Solution Suite


How to enable Dagent logging


Release: 3.x


This article provides instructions on how to enable Dagent logging.

There are multiple methods to enable Dagent logging

1) After the agent is installed on the endpoint

     a) From the console select the computer that you want to enable logging.

              NOTE: the computer must be active in the console

     b) right-click on the computer then from the menu go to Change Agent Settings > Production Agent...

     c) Go to the 'Log File' tab

     d) Toggle 'Save log information to a text file'

     e) Set the path of the Dagent.log 

     f)  Set the 'Maximum size:' to around 50000 KB

     g)  Toggle on the type of logging to perform and click on the 'OK' button

This will update the agent on the endpoint to start the logging process

2) Before the DAgent is installed on the endpoint

     a) From the console go to Tools > Options...

     b) From the Program Options screen to to 'Agent Settings' tab

     c) Toggle 'Force new agents to take these default settings' Then click on the 'Change Default Settings' button 

     d) Follow step e - g under 'After the agent is installed on the endpoint' above

When the agent is deployed the agent will have logging enabled