How to configure SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown ?
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How to configure SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown ?


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CA Workload Automation AE


Can you please confirm that my assumption of how the new SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown variable should work?

I have done the following:
1. installed the WAAE 11.3.6 SP8 CUM patch (99111280) on (i) my Primary Scheduler and (ii) Shadow Scheduler)
2. closed down the Primary and Shadow Schedulers
3. Shadow Scheduler:
export SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown=1
4. Primary Scheduler:
export SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown=1

Both schedulers startup.
However, if I then close down the Primary Scheduler with: unicntrl stop waae_sched,VM1, no failover to the Shadow occurs.
Instead the shadow just acknowledges that the Primary has terminated with a CAUAJM_I_00152 Message.

I can confirm that SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown=1 has been set on both the Primary and Shadow using 
'strings /proc/<pid>/task/<pid>/environ

Am i missing something?
I expected failover to the Shadow to occur when i closed down the Primary Sched with 'unicntrl stop waae_sched,VM1'

Is it correct to configure SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown=1 using:
export SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown=1   ?


Release : R11.3.6 SP8 CUM2, R12

Component :


- Need to set this variable in $AUTOUSER/config.<INS>

- Restart the scheduler

- Below is parameter functionality:

Problem Number: 4883
When an application instance is running in High Availability (HA) mode, and the user issues a shutdown command to the Autosys Workload Automation scheduler sending a SIGTERM on Unix server or stop the Autosys Workload Automation schedulerservice on Windows server using Service Control Manager, the application will go into dormant state without failover. Some users requested for change in behavior of active scheduler to send a signal to passive scheduler to takeover in such cases.
New behavior of scheduler will enable user to configure the behavior of scheduler using SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown variable.
SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown=1 means that the scheduler should failover to passive scheduler.
SchedulerFailoverOnShutdown=0 means that the instance will stay in dormant mode, this will be the default configuration.