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Explore Performance Management for z/VSE


In THRSH config, is there an overhead difference between deleting a threshold line and just specifying zero for the limit?

If I remove a threshold from this config, will it remove that data from the collection?

The manual states:

In the Limit input field, enter the count, time (with up to three decimal places), percent, or rate per second at which you want the
threshold to be triggered. A limit of zero disables the threshold.

In the threshold source member, delete unused thresholds to reduce CA-Explore for CICS overhead.


Release : 7.1

Component : Explore Performance Management for z/VSE


Removing a threshold value from "$THRSH.P" does not eliminate data collection.  It just eliminates threshold monitoring for that data element.

There is a certain amount of overhead associated with retaining disabled threshold entries in the configuration.

However, it is generally not a problem if the number of such entries is small "and" the actual number of events occurring for those disabled event types is small.

On the other hand, a disabled threshold which has 1000000 events will incur sufficient overhead to have a measurable adverse performance impact in the CICS partition.