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Is it possible to create a Version of an Object by a Script?


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We activated the Version-Management in UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS (VERSION_MANAGEMENT = Y).
In case a static VARA is modified manually, the new version of the object is being created. But in case the static VARA is modified by script (for example using :PUT_VAR), the new version is not being created.

Is there a way to create this backup version manually after each change of VARA?


Release : 12.3.X



This is working as per design.
If VARA object is modified externally(not in the object itself) the new version is not being created though you enable the VERSION_MANAGEMENT.
Also, it is not possible to create the version of an Object through script other than the EXPORT/IMPORT functions which exports the object as XML file and imports the XML file into Automic.