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Device Life Cycle synchronization between Spectrum and Performance Management


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DX NetOps CA Spectrum CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


In NetOps Spectrum and NetOps Performance Management 21.2.8 release we have re-enabled Life Cycle synchronization and extended the functionality.

NetOps 21.2.8 has now the ability to dynamically retire devices deleted from Spectrum in Performance Management to ensure accurate and consistent devices monitoring across both products.


DX NetOps Spectrum 21.2.8
DX NetOps Performance Management 21.2.8


In NetOps Performance Management, when configuring the Spectrum Data Source, select "Synchronize device life cycle state from Spectrum" option:

With that, when a device is deleted from Spectrum, it will be retired in Performance Management depending on user input.

In NetOps Spectrum when deleting a device model, users can decide whether to delete the device in Spectrum only or to retire the device in Performance Management.

1. First select the device(s) to be deleted or retired
2. Right click and select the Delete option.
3. Will be prompted for confirmation on the delete - "Confirm Delete".
4. Upon confirmation, a new dialog will appear - "NetOps Lifecycle Action".
5. This allows three choices - Retire, Don't Retire and Cancel.
    Retire – It will delete the device(s) in Spectrum and the Lifecycle state of devices will be set to Retired in Performance Management.
    Don't Retire – It will delete the device(s) in Spectrum and Performance Management will continue to monitor the devices.
    You can use this option if you need to rediscover the device in Spectrum but want to maintain performance monitoring continuity.

Additional Information

Refer to the NetOps Spectrum documentation for more details:

-Retire a Device While Deleting