Audit Design Changes & Audit Design interval
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Audit Design Changes & Audit Design interval


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)



We want to enable CA Release Automation Auditing feature in our PROD environment but before doing it we want to understand the impact of same and also want to understand what below configuration is all about.

Audit Design interval



Release : 6.X



In CA Release Automation (a.k.a. Nolio/CARA) the auditing feature is available by enabling Audit design.
With this feature enabled, CARA would log changes performed with the entities i.e. every DML operation with the entities would log information regarding the old and new values in the relevant *_aud tables. CARA has auditing reports which were created to simplify this auditing data analysis and these auditing reports are generated with the DesignRevisionReporter service which is triggered every [Audit Design interval] minute.
What is Audit Design Interval configuration?
The Audit Design Interval configures the delay in MINUTES for which scheduler, DesignRevisionReporter should wait before show the entities changes recorded in *_aud tables in audit reports.
This value must be a positive integer which means we are using the minimum possible value as the default value.  This value is configurable and can be increased but this won't have any effect on the amount of generated data, rather will only affect the delay in showing the recorded audit changes in the auditing reports.
In summary the higher the number for this value the higher the delay in changing newly recorded data in reports.

Does enabling Audit Design causes performance issue?

We haven't heard of any performance issue been reported due to this feature as it only record DML operation on entities. In environment like PROD as a best practice it is recommended to make fewer changes to DML which ideally should be validated in lower environments.

It doesn't impact the execution capability of product