How to delete Audit data task in AdminUI
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How to delete Audit data task in AdminUI


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When running AdminUI, how to delete the audit data shown in :

  Reports -> Audit -> Tasks -> View submitted tasks




At first glance, according to the documentation, there's another
interface to cleanup the tasks (1). In the AdminUI, this interface can
be found here :

  Administration -> Admin UI -> Cleanup Submitted Tasks

and follow the steps to precise the configuration of desired clean
up's scope to be made.


Additional Information



    Manage the Task-persistence Database to Improve Runtime Performance

      Every Administrative UI task stays in the task-persistence database
      indefinitely or until removed by an administrator. You can remove
      tasks from the database and free up disk space by scheduling cleanup
      tasks. The cleanup tasks let you manage the size of the
      task-persistence database and improve runtime performance.