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Installing NetOps portal, it hangs after entering a new MySql password


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


While installing a new Performance Center system.  It was hanging after entering a new mysql password 2x.
We did kill -3 on the InstallAnywhere java process, and dumped stack to stdout.


the box wasn't generating enough entropy for the BouncyCastle encryption engine.  It couldn't init the SALT/... from /dev/random.



PM 20.x / 21.x



1. The NEW install hangs after entering the confirmation mysql password.
2. If hangs for more then 5 mins, run ps -ef | grep java

3. There should be a process for java that looks like it's InstallAnywhere related (using /tmp/install.dir*.    DO kill -3 <pid>

4. Look at console where install is hanging.  Scan the stack traces for bouncycastle and see if RUNNABLE process is there.
5.Start rngd service and see if install continues.