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Modelling the environment fails with "Failed to scan entities for profile <> reason TDMDatabaseException: No sampler for Database type : Teradata:


Article ID: 238915


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



Release : 4.10

Component : Web Portal - Data Modeling


Teradata version 16.20 shows to be a supported data source for TDM 4.10 for data generation (TDM Portal and Datamaker) and subsetting only (data masking can be done with subset scripts).

Teradata 16.20:

  • Dynamic Test Data Reservation - TDM Portal: Not Supported
  • Data Generation - TDM Portal: Supported
  • Data Generation - Datamaker: Supported
  • Data Masking - TDM Portal: Not Supported
  • Data Masking - Fast Data Masker: Not Supported
  • Data Masking - Datamaker: Certified **See Notes**
  • Data Subsetting: Supported
  • Test Mach: Not Supported
  • Virtual Test Data Management: Not Supported
  • Data Modeling and PII Audit: Not Supported
  • Distributed with Driver: No

** Teradata Notes **
    * For all Teradata databases you can mask data using GT Subset scripts in Datamaker.

The reason the error is seen in Portal for the Data Model is because this feature is not supported for all Teradata databases. This is the same in TDM 4.8 through 4.10.