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View - SARSTC24 condition received when performing a report recall from tape


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A user attempted to recall a 200 million line report from tape, which caused SARDBI12 messages to be generated, eventually resulting in a SARSTC24 condition and a full database.

Is there any way around having this happen?


Release : 14.0

Component : View


As the client does not use SAREAS to browse reports from tape, they had used a View online "L" (SARBCH /LOAD) command, to retrieve a report from tape, which brought the report back to the View database disk layer, which used up any remaining data space, eventually causing the SARSTC24 message. 

The client ran a View backup and removed several large reports from the disk layer, to open up some space, relieving the condition.

It was suggested that the client consider using SAREAS, to browse reports directly from tape, rather than take up unnecessary data space doing SARBCH /LOADs.