Needs session script help for a specific logon requirement
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Needs session script help for a specific logon requirement


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SOLVE:Access Session Management


Steps to generate a logon session script to be used in an MAI (Multiple Application Interface) session.


Release : 5.0

Component : SOLVE:Access Session Management


The following information can be used to generate the session script:

01. Logon to the SOLVE:Access region

02. Go to option A.AC.G
03. Find (with L name) the DEFLOGON of the application related to the session script to be created
04. Select it with S
05. Fill out the field Termination: Stop Key
06. Press F6=Action to record the various session script screens
07. When you finish capturing the session script screens you should press the Stop Key
08. Screen Logon Recording : Save Script will appear.  Specify the Output Dataset field values
09. Review the saved member as needed
10. On the MAI session definition for that application you define the session script name on Session Characteristics: Script Name/Parms.

Additional Information

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