Clarity and SSO Timeout configuration
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Clarity and SSO Timeout configuration


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How to set Clarity and SSO timeout correctly? 


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  1. In Clarity go to the setting in System Options - Minutes Of Inactivity Until Logout
  2. Set a value (typically between 30-120 min)
  3. Save
  4. In SSO, set up the timeout to one minute more than the Clarity timeout.
  • Example: Clarity Minutes Of Inactivity Idle timeout set to 59 min, SSO timeout set to 60 minutes.
  • Best practice is to set this to a value between 30 min and 2 hours. The default value is 60 minutes.
  • It is not recommended to set the timeout to 0 or a large value
  • Minutes Of Inactivity Until Logout is the recommended setting vs Global Session Timeout in CSA
    • Both are used for the same timeout
    • You can only update the Minutes Of Inactivity in System Setting as it does not require restart and it's easier to check in UI
    • Global Session Timeout requires a restart so using the other setting is preferable