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Other Work Instance Name Change


Article ID: 238869


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Audit was not enabled on the Other Work.

There was a change in the Other Work Task. 

How can we find out when it was changed?


Release : 16.0.1



Run SQL:

select, b.code,,
b.last_updated_by, b.last_updated_date,
c.first_name, c.last_name, c.user_name
from INV_OTHERS a,
inv_investments b,
cmn_sec_users c
where = and b.last_updated_by =
AND b.code = '<code_here>'
order by a.last_updated_date desc

If this is refreshed environment, obtain the id and compare it to the source environment to determine the prior name.

Please contact the Support team to ask for a review of the App Access logs.

Additional Information

To view audits for the Other Work object, use the query:

SELECT * FROM cmn_audits
WHERE object_code = 'other'