UIMAPI - implementation on multiple servers and acknowledging alarms
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UIMAPI - implementation on multiple servers and acknowledging alarms


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We are using uimapi as self monitoring channel for our customers. We use two servers with Operator Console (wasp) as load balanced solution but, when sending alarm from one OC and Clear from another OC, it doesn't seem to work (the clear alarm doesn't remove the original alarm).

Is there an option to use multiple OC servers as one UIMAPI service?


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM - API


- guidance


Customer is using their own code via UIMAPI to create alerts with different severities, and everything is working fine. For HA, they have 2 web servers.

They check the connection with the first server, if ok, send alarm through first web server. Send clear for alert.

Customer wants to know how to overwrite the robot name to ALWAYS send the alarm using the robot name.

Approach - Get alarm object, before closing alert, use the alarm payload to update the object.

suppression key can be 'any' string.

So in the code before sending the alert, use ALL the necessary alarm fields from the alarm payload and create the alarm via the uimapi.

Then simply fetch the Alarm ID and send the clear alarm.


Use 'Alarm ID': 

If you know alarm ID and hostname, post (/alarms) alarms using the alarm message text and hostname.

Acknowledge the alarm via the uimapi using the Alarm ID (a.k.a the NIMID).