Slow performance when reading data from Azure Cloud file
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Slow performance when reading data from Azure Cloud file


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XCOM Data Transport - z/OS XCOM Data Transport - Linux PC


XCOM for Linux has been installed and is working properly. It has been noticed that whenever data is read from a Linux Azure Cloud file the performance is slow. When XCOM is writing to a Linux Azure Cloud file, the performance is good. What is causing the performance problem?


Release : 11.6

Component : XCOM Data Transport for Linux


The files being transferred reside on a Azure cloud system. The performance is affected due to XCOM reading small chunks of bytes from the cloud. Writing to an Azure file doesn't show the same problem.


The workaround for this situation is to initiate the transfer from Linux to the mainframe using the following command:

dd if=/usr/dw/work/xqtstd/source/1.txt bs=256000|/opt/CA/XCOM/bin/xcomtcp -c1 -f LOCAL_FILE= QUEUE=NO...

   Note: The dd command will write a large buffer of the 1.txt file to stdout. With the value for LOCAL_FILE= left blank, xcomtcp will read stdin, the piped data from dd. The piped data is read in small amounts from memory rather than the Azure Cloud file directly.

The "dd" command is the workaround to help with the disk read to improve the performance of the transfer.