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Data Aggregator upgrade installer sets same password for KeyStorePassword and TrustStorePassword


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After upgrading Data Aggregator from release 20.2.4 to 21.2.8, and then again from 21.2.8 to 21.2.9 noticed that after upgrade completed in the file /opt/IMDataAggregator/apache-karaf-*/etc/jetty.xml the KeyStorePassword and TrustStorePassword are set to the same value, though these were previously configured to different passwords.


Release : 21.2.x

Component : PM Data Aggregator


This happens only if customer configured HTTPS on Data Aggregator manually, or manually updated TrustStorePassword after tool was run.

The upgrade process assume the two passwords are always the same, so it reads the keystorePassword and then copies jetty-https.xml to jetty.xml and replaces the two passwords with the keystorePass value.


Currently this is the expected behavior.

The tool by default sets both KeyStorePassword and TrustStorePassword to the same value.  
This problem could be seen only when configuring HTTPS on Data Aggregator manually, or manually update/change TrustStorePassword , to set different passwords after tool was run.

Workaround is to manually set the passwords to the desidered values in the file /opt/IMDataAggregator/apache-karaf-*/etc/jetty.xml


Additional Information

Defect DE532769 has been submitted to add support for different passwords on Data Aggregator for KeyStorePassword and TrustStorePassword