autocal_asc preview dates for extended calendars
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autocal_asc preview dates for extended calendars


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CA Workload Automation AE


is there a command line to get the extended calendar date preview into a file? 

I realize there is an option from AutoSys Calendar Utility option 2/5 which will display on screen.

we would like this to be able to be sent to a file.  


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


There are no preview command line switches for autocal_asc.
There are export options.
But the export of an extended calendar includes only its definition, not the list of generated/preview dates.
If the calendar is a standard calendar then it does display dates, as that is all it is, just a list of dates.

We recommend you open an enhancement request on the communities website (an idea).
The customer base reads the ideas and votes them up and down.
Product mgmt then reviews these ideas and takes them into consideration for new/future versions of the product.

Until some enhancement request happens your options would be to interactively use autocal_asc 
or query the db directly.
example: select day from ujo_calendar where name='<name>' order by day;

NOTE - we realize neither of the current options are ideal.
The first option requires human interaction.
The second option requires db access and we typically recommend clients
avoid querying the db directly as the schema can/does change from version 
to version.  Also we do not want clients quering the db too much as that
to can negatively impact database performance which can in turn impact AutoSys.

If it is a one time thing, no problem, but we would not encourage
routine heavy usage querying the db via external means.

NOTE - The AutoSys webservice can also list calendars both standard and extended but
like autocal_asc it is only the definition for them.